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Polymer Powder Technology, Cat# 12-263

Polymer Powder Technology, Cat# 12-263

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M. Narkis, N. Rosenzweig (1995) 644 pp.

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Low shear polymer powder processing provides unique solutions to many processing problems and offers a set of production techniques, frequently un-paralleled by other production methods. In recent years there has been increased interest in this field but no comprehensive review of the subject has been available until now. In this book, a team of experts have taken the novel approach of treating several processing techniques, such as compacted powder sintering, rotational moulding, powder coating, ram extrusion, and compression moulding, as diverse implementations of a single technology. The first chapters deal with the scientific and engineering fundamentals shared by various polymer powder processing techniques, and are followed by a detailed examination of each technique and some special effects. This book will prove invaluable to technologies, plastics and materials engineers, researchers and students working with various aspects of particulate polymer processing.





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