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Organic Coatings: Science and Technology, 3rd Edition, Cat# 12-414

Organic Coatings: Science and Technology, 3rd Edition, Cat# 12-414

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Z.W. Wicks, Jr., F.N. Jones, S.P. Pappas, D.A. Wicks (2007) 746 pp.

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This book is an unparalleled reference and text for organic coatings technology and its myriad applications. It begins with discussions of key principles of coatings, then thoroughly explores raw materials, physical concepts, formulations, and applications. Scientists, engineers, and paint formulators all gain a deeper understanding of the principles underlying the techno9logy and learn how to use these principles in the development, production, and application of organic coatings. The four authors, all leading industry experts, offer a unique approach to the topic that correlates the empirical technology of coatings with the underlying science.

This book has been completely revised and updated to reflect numerous changes in the field, including changes driven by increasing pressure to lower VOC emissions, reduce energy requirements, and eliminate potential health hazards from organic coatings components. In addition, the authors have developed new material to make the text more accessible for scientists and engineers first entering the field, as well as for students taking coating courses.


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